I would like that our engagement begin and continue smoothly without interruption. Any attempt at negotiating will promptly and regrettably halt our date without further ado. Visibly place my donation in an unsealed envelope on the bathroom counter, or when in public, a gift bag. I am always thrilled to extend our time together! If you wish to do so, please prepare yourself in advance. No matter the depth of the chemistry between us, it is understood that my time is valuable and not to be exceeded without the appropriate donation.

For any date over two hrs, I require time In a public setting. Please visit the “date” page for some of my favorite restaurants and activities. If you are unable to dine out for discretion reasons, please include that in the “special requests” section of my screening form, and I’ll be sure to accommodate you. 

Incall/Outcall: Whether it’s My place or yours, I want you to feel 100% comfortable. That being said, My incall is always at a discrete, upscale location which will be provided three hours prior to our appointment. If this is our first time meeting and you prefer to host, a 4 star hotel is required. If we are lucky enough to meet again, I will happily visit your Private residence. 

There will be an additional travel fee of $200 associated with outcall appointments over 1 hr away. 

Total Lust         1 HR       1,000

Proper Introduction ( preferred minimum ) 1.5 HR 1,500

Pure Seduction 2 HR 1,800

Dinner Date 3 HR 2,500

Evening Escapade 4 HR 3,200 

Unforgettable Night 6 HR 4,600

Overnight Deliciousness 14 HR 7,000

Toss The Clock 24 HR 8,000

Weekend Getaway 48 HR 12,000

Couples Add 400 Per HR

In Date Extensions Additional 800 Per HR

Fly Me To You 

“Travel as much as you can, as far as you can, as long as you can. Life is not meant to be lived in just one place.” 

Being a luxury companion has allowed me to become an avid globetrotter and experienced traveler. I’ve collected over 20 stamps on my passport in the last two years. One of my greatest passions in life is storytelling, and sharing my amazing experiences with you. I tour major cities in the US once a month, but if you would like to see me before then, I’m happy to hop on a plane with just a short notice. Heres how that works. 

Rates vary depending on the length and location of the trip. When filling out the screening please include any special activities you may have planned so I can pack for the occasion. In addition to my donation, my travel expenses must be covered in full, along with a 30% deposit. Please send an email to and we can plan our date As soon as possible. 

Fly Me To You (US) 

3 HR ( minimum )  3,000

4 HR 4,000

5 HR 5,000 

Overnight 14 HR ( 7,000) 

24 HR ( 8,000 ) 

48 HR ( 12,000 ) 

Fly Me To You ( International ) 

1 Day 24 HR ( minimum ) 9,000

2 Day  14,000

3 Day 16,000

5 Day 20,000

1 Week 25,000