As you may already know, I have a fun, but extremely busy schedule. That being said, I only meet a few gentleman per week, so I do everything I can to ensure that we’ll both have an amazing time together. A big part of that is screening! If we haven’t met yet, please take the time to fill out my screening form. Please be sure to provide valid references if you have them. I’m always more comfortable walking into a date with a gentlemen who has glowing reviews. 

When filling out your screening, please be aware that I do give priority to longer engagements and highly encourage them as they allow chemistry to develop at a natural pace and our relationship to evolve in the most authentic manner possible. A non-rushed encounter translates to an overall mind-blowing and intense experience you will be left thinking about for weeks to come. If you are looking to have the best experience possible with me I strongly suggest booking a dinner date, full day encounter, or my absolute favorite – an extended overnight. Only then will you be able to unlock me at my best and most natural state of being. 

Unlike many providers, I do not have an assistant who will be reviewing your emails. I oversee all screening and booking requests myself to ensure a personal connection with all of my suitors, starting from the initial introduction. That being said, please value my time as you would your own. 

I will accept P411 in lieu of my website screening form so long as you have 5 or more OK’s from other providers. A deposit is still required if you are a first time client, regardless of your P411 status. 

I understand your need for discretion and assure you that details of our time together will not be disclosed. All inquires go directly to me, and your screening form will be deleted after 7 days. The screening form I request is solely for my safety and will never be used in a careless manner.


~ A 30% deposit is required for ALL new clients NO EXCEPTIONS

~ If you are a new client booking 3 hrs or longer a 20% deposit is acceptable

~ If you are first timer without references but the rest of your screening checks out, a 40-50% deposit is required depending on appointment length

~ All deposits can be paid via Venmo, Zelle, or giftcard of my choice

~ After our initial meeting, if you would like to schedule another date, there will be no deposit requirement

~ If for some reason I have to cancel, deposits will be refunded in full

~ Deposits are to assure me that you are not a time waster, as 90% of clients who don’t leave a deposit cancel with little to no notice

~ Your deposit info will stay 100% confidential, as should mine

~ Deposits are non-refundable UNLESS I cancel our date and cannot reschedule within a reasonable time frame, in which case you will be refunded in full. 

~ Deposits will be forfeited for any rude, crude, or inappropriate requests/demands. 


Congratulations! If your reading this that means you’ve completed my screening, left a deposit, and we’ve scheduled our first date! I understand your probably super excited to finally meet me and have so much you want to talk about, but please refrain from contacting me unless it is directly related to our appointment. My inbox is flooded with time wasters who love to email back and fourth about nonsense while I’m off the clock. Expecting me to work for free is emotionally draining, and something no provider wants to deal with. If you continue to email me after I’ve given you a warning I will cancel our appointment and your deposit will not be refunded. If you simply cannot wait any longer and absolutely must get to know me before our date, I would be more than happy to accommodate you with a pen pal or Skype package!


I am drawn to the gentlemen for whom appropriate etiquette is second nature. As a lady I find inconsiderate actions unacceptable by any suitor. I am a firm believer that each person should do unto others as you would have them do to you. That being said, please review my etiquette requirements below prior to our date. 

Be Polite: A well mannered and courteous interaction always characterizes the time I spend with a gentlemen friend. Such communication promotes harmony and sets the stage for an explosive encounter. I am unable to entertain anyone with anything less than a good natured attitude.

Punctuality: Please don’t be lateI understand you have a busy schedule, as do I. Please value my time as you would your own. I can offer a ten minute grace period, but after that, I’m afraid your arrival time does affect the length of our date. 

Hygiene: Hygiene is vital! Not only is cleanliness an absolute essential, but it is extremely attractive! It is one thing to have bathed, it’s another to present oneself in an overall manner that is polished and well put together. Short on time? A shower, Fresh towels, and even a new toothbrush are at your disposal if you would like to freshen up at my incall. 

Donations: I would like that our engagement begin and continue smoothly without interruption. Any attempt at negotiating will promptly, and regrettably, halt our date without further ado. Visibly place my donation in an unsealed envelope on the bathroom counter, or when in public, a gift bag. Please remember to do so before my arrival, so I do not have to interrupt our date to collect payment. This will make our date feel very transactional and puts us both in an awkward position. 

Gifts & Tips: I greatly appreciate your donation for our meeting, and you are in no way expected to donate more than whats listed. However, I do love being pampered and receiving gifts. I simply love gentlemen who go the extra mile. If you would like to earn some brownie points, you can surprise me with something off of my wishlist!


Extended dates are a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other on more than just a physical level. If you decide you would like to extend our time together, I will be happy to do so if my schedule allows. I do not charge a higher hourly rate for in date extensions. Should you decide to extend our date, you will only be asked to pay the difference. 


For any date exceeding two hrs, I require time in a public setting. Let’s fully appreciate and enjoy our time together, without rush. You can visit the wishlist section of my website for some of my favorite restaurants and activities. If you are unable to dine out for discretion reasons, please include that in the “special requests” section of my screening form, and I’ll be sure to accommodate you.


Regardless of wether we are doing an overnight, or a one hour appointment, I expect our private time together to feel natural and un-rushed. Do not pressure me the moment I walk through the door, this is an immediate turn off. We will take the time to get to know each other, to get comfortable together, and relax before the fireworks spark. Be patient and give me the time to naturally get comfortable with you, and I promise you will unlock a side of me those who lack restraint will never be able to access.


I take pride in caring for my body and looking my very best. Although I would love nothing more than to spend every second of our date together, I do appreciate the following during our extended encounters. 

  • I appreciate 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for all overnight engagements. 
  • I appreciate your under standing that I need to spend time at the gym daily.
  • I appreciate at least 2 hours of personal time a day, so that I may have time to prim.
  • I appreciate your understanding when I need to use my phone to handle basic personal matters.


Let me start by saying DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES contact me asking for “menu options.” This is extremely rude and tasteless and will guarantee to get you blocked and blacklisted wether you have left a deposit or not. That being said, I have been known to get pretty wild, but only with select gentlemen 😉 Special requests are available for 2hr+ appointments (Costumes, lingerie, makeup, etc) so feel free to include those when filling out your screening form.


Sometimes bad things happen to good people! If our schedules don’t align this time around, here is the protocol for future dates. 

1 Week notice ~ A slap on the wrist

72hr notice ~ 50% Cancellation fee 

48hr notice ~ 75% cancellation fee

24hr notice ~ 100% cancellation fee 

~ If you have cancelled our date, any future date will require a 50% deposit 

~ Any cancellation while I am on tour will incur a 100% cancellation fee as well as an additional $500 to cover touring costs