“sometimes the greatest adventure in life is a simple conversation” 

If we haven’t had the pleasure of being introduced, please complete my screening form below so we can plan our rendezvous. The more thorough you are in filling this out, the sooner we will be able to get acquainted. 

Glowing references are my favorite, but if you haven’t spent time with an upscale independent provider in the last year, please visit “donations” for an alternate method. 

 I prefer to oversee all screening and booking requests myself to ensure a personal connection with all of my suitors, starting from the initial introduction. That being said, please value my time as you would your own. 

Discretion: I understand your need for discretion and assure you that details of our time together will not be disclosed. All inquires go DIRECTLY to me, and your screening form will be deleted after 7 days. The screening form I request is solely for my safety and will never be used in a careless manner.